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About SICOX™

SICOX™ - Simple Complex Jewelry™

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We're finally on Kickstarter. It is where the jewelry revolution starts. SICOX is a fashion jewelry line. It is a unique, functional, editable and customizable fashion jewelry. SICOX is as versatile as it is functional, suitable for both - men and women, it is excellent for everyday wear or a night out. You can modify it to be suitable for any occasion.

Beautiful presence is not enough, it has to be fun. There is more than just visual experience. In this digital world, hands on experience is very valuable. SICOX can enhance your creative thinking and your thought process. Making your own unique design will bring you a lot of joy. We built the base. With your imagination, you can complete the design in any way you want. That’s why it is so much fun.

SIMPLE Shapes and COMPLEX Concepts.


Thank you for the support! We will try our best to ensure all the backers will get the products before Christmas. We really want you to have a happy, creative and fun Christmas in 2016.

  • 2013 - Concept was born.
  • 2014 - Utility patent filed.
  • 2015 - Final prototype was born.
  • 2016, June - Kickstarter campaign starts.
  • 2016, October - Delivering products to our backers.

// 2016, December - Great gifts for friends and family.

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    Idea born
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    First prototype created
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    Kickstarter campaign


  • Unique Design - Simple Complex
  • DIY Functional
  • Interchangeable & Customizable
  • Unlimited Possibilities
SICOX jewelry is made of 316L Stainless Steel – the highest quality stainless steel on the Market. Stainless steel has a unique ability to resist corrosion and staining which is ideal for the long-lasting jewelry designs. Stainless steel will endure heavy-wear much longer than some of the softer metals. Being hypoallergenic, stainless steel is also a great alternative for people who are allergic or sensitive to some of the soft base metals such as brass or copper. SICOX stainless steel jewelry is safe for health and designed to last forever.
We decided to take the process to the next level and create the luxury version of SICOX jewelry that’s made of precious metals - silver, yellow gold and rose gold. In order to achieve our goal, we collaborated with a group of professional jewelry makers with more than 30 years of experience combined. Our craftsman puts 110% effort into the work he does. Working with fine metals is a very delicate multi-step process that requires a lot of precision, patience, competence and love for your craft. That’s why SICOX fine jewelry has so much heart and soul put into it by its creators.
Engraving - the way to make it more unique & meaningful. We believe in the significance of personalized jewelry, that’s why we offer an option to engrave your favorite SICOX piece to match your individual style and personality. Engraving will always remind you of important milestones of your life, places you’ve visited, your loved ones and things that are special to you. The engraved SICOX jewelry can become a valued gift to your family, friends or a significant other.

Kickstarter Campaign

We started in 2013. During 3 years of development, we spent months refining our designs and prototypes, until we got it right. We filed the utility patent and trademark. Hundreds of samples were tested. From sketching, clay models and plastic 3D models, we moved on to stainless steel prototypes. There were so many different sizes, shapes, materials and colors to work with. After months of testing, we are finally able to present you SICOX, chosen from the very best.


4 colors of stainless steel

Stainless steel is the most popular material currently. It is resistant to corrosion and will never tarnish or turn black. It is a strong and durable metal.

3 different metals

We use the affordable stainless steel metal to make jewelry, but we also have luxury versions in sterling silver, and 14K gold.

1 pendant - lots of ways to wear

It is a customizable design. The holes in the pendant are used to put in the chains and charms to create various angles and shapes.

Utility patent filed for the designs

We believe in our simple complex design and we will protect our innovation and keep our unique design consistent.

More accessories to add

Our team keeps creating more add-in shapes, charms, stones and chains, so that our customers could have more ways to customize our product.

Multiple possibilities

SICOX offers earrings, charms, pendants, bracelets and rings, which can be worn differently. As long as you continue to use your creativity, the options are endless.



Modern, Innovative, Beautiful Design. I can not wait to wear my such an Individual necklace from SICOX. All the Best for your wonderful project!


Incredible intelligence idea, going to get one for myself.


I really like the concept. Simple Complex Jewelry - ONE set of jewelry, MILLION ways to wear. take my money please!


I love that it suits any occasion. i can wear it to work and to a nightclub.


Very smart and functional jewelry, my boy friend is going to love it. Can't wait to collect all the colors.


Very interesting jewelry design!